september 2022

September 2022- First Love

Nobody truly knows me.
But the cosmos do.
Ask them what it is,
That made me fall for you.

For we are just 2 specks of light in this vast universe,
But I wanna see it in your eye.
Because no matter how much I traverse,
I know it starts with a ‘u n i’.

Real deep love isn’t selfish,
It doesn’t separate you from me.
For you & I are one,
So let’s ditch this individuality & become ‘we’.

Sept 2022 will always be special to me,
And the creator of this universe is kind.
For I want to live those times again…
So can you ask him to rewind?

We don’t really know each other,
Because there’s nothing tangible we ever shared.
It doesn’t matter coz the body has an identity,
But the soul really doesn’t care.

When I saw you for the first time,
I had no idea I’d fall for you.
Don’t know when the feelings gradually developed,
It’s been 8 months & all I want is
You in your arms enveloped.

I wish I could travel back in time,
But that ain’t a power for me or you.
So can we beg the creator,
To take us back to Sept 2022?

He loves you & me
And every being in the creation equally.
But can he be partial for once towards us?
So that we belong to each other eternally.

Let’s delve into the spiritual aspect of love,
So the age gap wouldn’t matter.
Because the soul doesn’t age,
For you & me are just pieces of light in this world scattered.

You ain’t near but what even is this mere distance…
I’ll travel continents & the black sea.
No matter where you are,
I’ll align the stars even if you were in another galaxy.

Let this head bury in your chest,
For it only has dreams…
Of romanticizing fake scenarios,
Without any rest.

When you smile,
I just melt inside.
If not on this planet,
We’ll meet on the other side.

I’ll get you the stars & the moon
But they are nothing compared to what I have for you.
I wonder when we cuddle,
Can you be the little spoon?

Right now I might seem a kid,
But I can promise that one day for you,
I’ll be the one to get on one knee…
With a ring.

Let’s be different from everyone & everything,
And break the boundaries of this material world.
My existence might end with the blink of an eye,
So let me die in your arms before leaving this world.

You might think writing stuff is usual for me,
But this is actually the first poem I wrote today,
I’m glad you made the poet in me come out,
Because being a romantic…wasn’t my way.

Well now it is & what I’ll say is true,
I wish I’d spent time with you in Sept 2022.
Tho I can’t reverse life,
But it feels like these arms were made for holding you.

You might read this someday &
wonder ‘is it for me’?
I’d avoid answering &
instead, just reply with an ‘XD’.

But it is you, it has always been you,
Do you know why?
Coz I never thought of anyone else…
Since Sept 2022.

I have one last question before I end,
But since this is one-sided,
your answer might…
make my heart vent.

Is it just me or
do people usually fall for your smile?
I don’t care what the world says,
so can you be mine?

– Written on 30/05/2023