View of the backwaters & another boathouse from ours.

Houseboat Experience At Alleppey: In Backwaters Of Kerala

I went to Kerala in the month of July in 2022. We started our journey from Alleppey. Checked into the hotel and after visiting some churches and beaches, went for the main famous activity of Alleppey -a boat house stay. They have these huge boats with rooms and they take you on a ride of 3-4 hours in the famous backwaters of Kerala. 

Checking in the Boathouse of Alleppey

We 3 people checked in on the backwater boat ride of Alleppey and went straight to our room. It was hot, I took a nap. When I woke up, found myself the only one in the room. The family was chilling at the deck area, they had their lunch. I didn’t, I skipped lunch that day. I dont know why there’s something about coastal places that makes me not eat the food. Maybe a mix of lack of hygiene, and hot weather is the reason. 

View of the backwaters & another boathouse from ours.
View of the backwaters & another boathouse from ours.

The view was serene and it even started raining. When you’ve got humidity in the room and warm wind on the front deck area of the boat, one isn’t really left with any option than choosing one of those. So the rain was a good compensation for a while. They stopped midway at a point where we got some snacks. After some hours, we came towards the end when we got off the boat into a speed boat to take a ride in the Alleppey backwaters. First time speed- boating, we all seemed to enjoy it.

Some Suggestions

If you are planning a trip to Allepey, here’s what I’ll suggest:

1] Spend more of your time on the beaches: Kerala beaches are very clean unlike most of India. The high currents are sure to give you some windy chills and a relaxing vibe.

2] Book really good quality of boats: The one we booked was average and didn’t have the best service. So I recommend doing your own research, reading reviews online at or similar, and book the best one possible. It’s not worth it to think of budget much here because you gotta spend 4-5 hours in the boat house of Allepey so one that has good service is a must.

3] Consider doing more of activities: We just took a 5-minute speed boat ride when it was worth doing more of that. I suggest exploring the activities to do in the Alleppey backwaters as it’s a relaxing beautiful experience.

Pro Tip- Have some extra hair clips/bands while on the boathouse.
Pro Tip- Have some extra hair clips/bands while on the boathouse.

Overall Experience

I won’t say I enjoyed a lot of my time at Alleppey but it wasn’t that bad. I personally don’t like coastal places because of the humid weather and I don’t like the food too. But Alleppey beaches were good and windy. The climate at the boat house was sunny but that’s fine, as the speed boat and windy beaches were enough to compensate.

We then left for Munnar, that was a great experience as I made some friends in Munnar.

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