A Trip To Mahabaleshwar: My First-Ever Vacation

It was November 2021, we headed toward Mahabaleshwar from Pune in a private taxi. Rested among the quiet and beautiful western ghats, Mahabaleshwar is a hill station with the significance of lord Shiva.

And that’s all I know about the history part. Now, let’s dive into my journey. Here’s the story of my trip to Mahabaleshwar: 

Day 0: Checking in into our cottage

On the way to Mahabaleshwar, we stopped at Panchgani & had the famous Strawberry cream there. It was yummy, a must-try if you visit. We had a 2bhk cottage booked for us 4 people. We arrived there at night, ate dinner, and went straight to sleep. For me personally, it was my first-ever vacation so I was excited I guess. 

Day 1: Sightseeing

The next day morning I woke up and as I walked outside of the balcony, I saw so much fog for the first time. It was so much fog out there that the air, the surroundings everything seemed to be wrapped into it.

We went for breakfast, the vada pav in Mahabaleshwar is a must-try. As I was enjoying the local food, many monkeys were roaming around so I was holding my stuff tightly lol. This small restaurant was at a point which had a great view. I think it was called Arthur’s Point, there was a bike from the movie Golmaal Returns and the bum chairs from 3 Idiots, people would take pictures there. 

View of Krishna River from Mahabaleshwar.
View of Krishna River from Mahabaleshwar.

We spent some time looking at the view, took some pictures, and headed for boating at Venna Lake, it was quiet and chill. I was enjoying the serenity. Then we visited some points and each one had a different and amazing view. There were monkeys at every point, watching them being in their natural habitat was an entertaining sight in itself.

Day 2: Temples

We visited some ancient temples. At one temple, I saw there was a route going towards another temple somewhere in the jungle. I alone followed it, it was all quiet..I couldn’t see anyone there so wasn’t sure if it was the right route. A little scared I was when I kept walking towards it. Finally, I arrived at that spot where I found a 5000-year-old temple. It dated back to the Mahabharata era, and I’ve been inspired by Mahabharata-the epic. As far as I remember, it was a Lord Krishna temple. Felt something spiritual within me. As I stepped foot inside the temple, I saw it was all dark. There was no light and it was built in a way that the natural light couldn’t enter as well. I saw the old sculptures there, bowed before the deities, and prayed. The outside & inside look of it was enough to make one proud of their ancient past. I saw my mom & brother came following me there. We all stayed there for some time and then headed back to our cab.

Some more sightseeing at some echo points, there were always some snacks at those points. Maggi [instant noodles], and vada pav was our usual snack. The monkeys were so entertaining, I saw them literally holding a water bottle with legs and eating toast/biscuits with their hands. A picture is attached below.

A monkey holding a water bottle.
A monkey holding a water bottle.

Things I regret Not Trying & Suggestions For You 

After we were done with sightseeing in our trip to Mahabaleshwar, I wanted to make more of my time there like going for some fun activities like karting but we didn’t have time. 

Here is what I’ll recommend if you ever want to plan a relaxed trip to Mahabaleshwar:

1. Plan a stay of at least 3 days: I missed out on some points, lakes, and fun activities. Activities are the best part when it comes to enjoying the chilly relaxed weather of Mahabaleshwar. So I recommend a stay of at least 3 days to make the most of it.

2. Enjoy more street / local food: Let’s be real, hotel food is the same everywhere. There’s not much of a difference. But the street or local food is what represents the true culture of a place. I wish I had explored more of that. Vadapav and strawberry cream are a must-try but one should explore other things as well.

3. Spend more time in nature: The Sahyadris are beautiful, and Mahabaleshwar being situated in the midst of it gives a perfect vibe to nature lovers. That serenity, the quiet feeling is sure to give you a relaxed feeling for your time there. 

Leaving Mahabaleshwar

Our trip to Mahabaleshwar was fun. The next day we were meant to leave for Alibaug and were gonna visit Raigad on the way. So, we left in the early morning for Raigad Fort which was fun too. 


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